Long Beach Outdoor Antique

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Flea Market Observation

Long Beach Outdoor Antique and Collectable Market

Another man’s trash is another man’s treasure. This is exactly what goes down at the Long Beach Outdoor Antique and Collectable Market at Veterans Stadium. I had the pleasure of visiting this event last week. Let me tell you, this experience was one for the books. Being a rookie towards the flea market/ swap meet experience I had no idea what to expect. Doing a little research, I stumbled upon a definition that gave me a little foundation of what I was getting myself into. By definition, flea markets are "regularly recurring event involving the participation of several vendors of used merchandise, collectibles, discounted new merchandise--but not …show more content…

There are sales clerks to help you and the mall is rather organized. At a flea market, prices can be bent and there is almost no rhyme or reason to the order or variety of merchandise. If someone were to visit the flea market numerous times throughout the year, I feel like they would have the coolest items in their possession…ever! It’s the perfect fun and inexpensive to spend a lazy or productive weekend!

The value of this event, coming from a new comer, I would say is pretty remarkable. On any given weekend, you can find several leisure-goers flooding flea markets to either find great deals or just enjoy the atmosphere. Everyone to anyone comes out for these events, and you know never know what someone is going to want or need in their lives. Everything and everyone has a purpose and that’d what’s amazing. Not going to lie, I bought a couple leisurely items myself for safe keeping and to remember my first experience at a flea

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