Recruitment And Selection Process For Recruitment

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Recruitment is the process which aims to choose suitable candidates for a particular position at the right time. Selection is a process which aims to assess and appoint individuals (Bratton and Gold, 2012). Recruitment and selection processes are integrated activities (Newell, 2014).In the pursuit of developing the business and greatly surpassing other companies in the human resource management sector, it is necessary for the company to enhance recruitment and selection ability through different approaches. The recruitment and selection process refers to choosing identifying and attracting suitable candidates to meet an organisation’s HR requirements (Newell, 2014). And e-recruitment is what employers use of web-based tools and technology to assist the recruitment process (Rashimi, 2010). This paper will review using technology in recruitment in-depth, it will include the UK current usage of technology in recruitment, specific company examples and the benefits and challenge of E-recruitment. A conclusion will provided at last. According to Bartton and Gold (2012), the recruitment and selection process involves working through three stages: the first stage is called ‘working force planning’ general include ‘job description’ part and ‘person specification’ part. The following stage is ‘attracting applications’ usually via advertising in different sources. The last stage is managing the application and making the appointment session. After all these stages, the selected
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