Recycling Feasibility Study Essay

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Date: February 25, 2012

To: Alicia Pena, Chief Financial Officer

From: Carolyn Haynes

Subject: Recycling Feasibility Report for the Greening Corporation

Starting a Companywide Recycling Program

This is a feasibility report specifically complied for The Greening Corporation. John James, President of the Greening Corporation wants to start a recycling program. This report will assist, Alicia Pena, their Chief Financial Officer by providing research and recommendations for starting a recycling program. Our team has done research on several waste management companies, interviewed an expert and studied how other companies started their recycling programs. We had an opportunity to tour a recycling facility and the tour …show more content…

Employees on the computer team and in the service and repair area can recycle all the old electronic equipment that the company is no longer using. Old wire and cable can be recycled in addition to computers, monitors and printers. Most printer cartridges that are recycled can be remanufactured to specs as good as the original and are sold for less. Recycling electronics helps to keep hazardous materials out of landfills and there are network drop-off facilities.


Companies should have a designated area for storing waste materials that is kept clean while their waste is waiting to be hauled away. Waste management companies will have scheduled pick up times and they provide:

• Totes

• Crates

• Large Bins


Most corporations use a company with a good reputation to dispose of waste materials. These companies have programs to meet all the disposal needs of any small or large business. They are familiar with federal and state regulations and know the proper way to dispose of the different waste materials. They educate their clients in recycling and in waste disposal. They can tell you if bubble wrap and plastic cushioning is accepted. They can collect packing strips separately and recycle them in bulk. They

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