Red Bull Marketing Research Essay

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Red Bull- Final Report
“Gives You Wings”

Team 1:
Amanda Laverman
Chelsea Anderson
Jake Jamison
Jon Maeser
Rachel Rimathe

The Red Bull brand is an iconic worldwide model of how a company can create a powerhouse and a style of marketing that many traditional companies would never attempt. The company uses its extreme stunts and sponsorships of extreme sports to promote the brand and product and excel in a style that has attracted a younger generation with a main focus on teenagers to the late twenties. This has mainly been due to the success of Dietrich Mateschitz, who helped found the company with a marketing degree from a school in Austria, and prior corporate marketing experience after working for Blendax, (now …show more content…

Their sponsorship of extreme sports and incredible stunts such as the” Strato Jump”, are observably efforts to aim their marketing efforts to young adults in their 20’s. Current management decisions most likely include finding new ways to target the same type of consumer (young adults who live ‘extreme lifestyles’). The marketing department of Red Bull is constantly searching for something new and exciting that they can put their label on and that is relevant to the brand. Red Bull clearly practices a marketing orientation approach. Their focus on creating a product that customers want and need supports their effort in gaining a large market share.

Management Decision
Red Bull has made the management decision to market its products toward an older audience. Expanding the consumer base is a great, profitable opportunity for Red Bull. Expanding the market will increase Red Bull’s market share of the drink market, but only if the company does research to understand what the new target audience is looking for in their drink (i.e. healthy benefits, antioxidants, vitamins, etc.). Red Bull needs to find a way to differentiate itself from its competitors by finding a niche market that only Red Bull can provide in.

Importance of Research in Discovering the Management Decision
Research is going to be very important for Red Bull, as it will aid management in making several marketing decisions

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