Red King Persuasive Speech

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There were 3 knocks on my door then I hear , "Police open up!" I was walking to open the door when i heard a loud bang and saw my door hitting my wood floors then the swat team said "put your hands up your under arrest for the murder of Ralph Burns " I listened and slowly put my hands up I was extremely confused who is Ralph Burns? Then one of the police men took my hands and put them behind my back then put tight hand cuffs on me. They took me to a police car and put me inside.i asked the officer driving the car what the heck is going on he said I'm not at the authority to tell you . Now I'm sitting in a holding cell. Well I'm waiting I might as well tell you who is am hi I'm Stefan I'm a high school student in Arizona I had a pretty…show more content…
The purple King is a mellow King who is very secretive and reserved a long time ago the purple King and the blue king made a deal the blue king will rule the ground and a purple King will rule the sky that's why you see the purple blimp hovering over the city everyday . And well the colorless king we don't know much about him but I'm pretty convinced it you but I decided to give you a chance since you don't seem to remember what you did. new Kings don't normally come around for billion of years and it's been only 100 years since the purple King showed up so its a little strange you I mean the colorless King is here . so far all I've learned about the colorless King I a that he is a cold hearted killer." Dan also mentioned how they have some sort of powers like the Warriors that are in each clan inherits the biggest strength and best weapon like the blue kings clan use swords and are very wise the red kings clan uses baseball bats and have short tempers and the purple kings clan uses crossbows and are. Very sneaky
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