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Company overview:

The Red Rooster store was found by Kailis family in 1972 at Perth. It now become a brand and it has 366 stores across Australia and over 7500 staffs. It considers itself as healthy option in quick service restaurant. This study aims to make a strategic marketing plan for red rooster in the next 5 years using the analysis methods such as environment analysis, target market analysis and strategy formulation.

The mission statement of red rooster is defined as:
“Red Rooster is a leading Australian-owned quick service restaurant, committed to providing innovative products that are consumer and lifestyle focused. We aim to exceed our customer expectations on quality, value, service and hygiene.” (Jason B, 2011)

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operates several fast food brands in Australia. KFC is the major brand that Yum runs. The main product of KFC is made by chicken meat. Therefore, the strength and the weakness of KFC are obviously. People who like chicken meat will highly be attracted by KFC. However, it gives customer who like fast food a limited choice. Just use the one kind of meat will make the brand to be more professional. But it also will narrow its potential markets.

3. Value creation:

Value creation means increase the value of products, service and even business to meet the customers’ needs and requirements so that they can get competitive advantages. (Business Fundas, 2012) As we analyzed, fast food industry’s threat of new entrants is low and the availability of substitutes is high. It’s a fare market which the buyers have strong powers.

The main value created by Red Rooster is its intangible assets like brand loyalty and goodwill. It’s the only wholly Australian owned chicken brand which can meet the local needs more and get more support from Australians. (Red Rooster, 2013) Another value of Red Rooster is its health concept. It used oven roasted chicken chain to make the benefits increase from 16% to 30% on the financial year. (Frchanise business, 2006) Red Rooster reduces the 40% of fat absorption of the chicken. (Matt Paish,2011) The health quality of food gives a huge competitive advantage for Red Rooster. Besides, to create the value, some new and cheap

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