Reducing Behavior Problems Through Functional Communication Training

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The article “Reducing Behavior Problems Through Functional Communication Training” by Edward G. Carr and V. Mark Durand addresses the issues of choosing replacement behaviors. The research consisted of two experiments. The first experiment considered when problem behaviors are more likely to take place. The problem behaviors were aggression, tantrums, and self-injury. The results disclosed lack of adult attention and the difficultly of the task both activated behavioral problems. The second experiment used the assessment data collected from the first experiment to select a replacement behavior. The children were taught to verbally seek help, attention, or both from adults. The purpose of the study was to provide more direction when choosing a functionally appropriate replacement behavior in order to decrease inappropriate behaviors. The treatment produced replicable suppression of behavior problems across four disabled children. The results were reliable with the hypothesis, which states that some child problem behaviors are seen as nonverbal means of communication. The study consisted of two females and two males. Two of the individuals have brain damage, one is …show more content…

This type measurement uses a receptive labeling skill that is based on a series of picture cards that have a specific grade of difficulty. The observer was not in the child’s view and all responses were scored using a ten second-interval procedure. The presence or absences of responses were recorded for each interval. The three types of responses recorded in each interval were: disruptive behavior, adult attention, and academic behavior. The reliability was assessed in 70% of the sessions conducted for each child. According to the Scientific Merit Rating Scale, the rate to determine reliability is 80% in this study the rate was only 70%. This study would be considered weak based on these

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