Reducing Harmful Emissions by Using Alternative Energy

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As the world and our nation tries to a find alternative sources of energy, which reduce harmful emissions, the amount of energy being consumed continues to rise. At present, and near future, oil and natural gas remain the most viable energy solution. As a result the future supply of energy, and the extension, the preservation of the environment relies on Petroleum Engineers. This makes petroleum engineering one of the most exciting fields and is a major reason why I have decided to focus on a degree with that in mind.
To become a Petroleum Engineer you must have a bachelor’s degree in an engineering field. This degree plan requires the successful completion of many difficult courses including calculus, algebra and trigonometry and sciences courses such as chemistry and physics. Courses also include instruction pertaining to rock properties, computer applications, natural gas engineering and well construction. It is also important to include English and foreign language courses to develop communication skills. Many colleges offer programs that are accredited by the Board of Engineering and Technology in petroleum engineering. Although a bachelor’s degree is a requirement, additional credentials can increase employment opportunities. ("Occupational outlook Handbook") Some engineering schools offer a combination of a bachelor’s and master’s degree programs that enable students to complete a master’s degree in five to six years.
Petroleum Engineers have to be open to new
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