Reducing Marine Pollution Of All Kinds

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The first target is not measurable because the target states to “significantly reduce marine pollution of all kinds.” Different kinds of pollution can be reduced to different degrees and that information needs to be specified. The second/third target are ambiguous and not measurable. The second target needs to explain what “sustainably manage and protect”, “avoid significant adverse impacts” and “take action” means. For the third target, saying “minimize” ocean acidification without giving any values to compare it to is not enough. The fourth target is partially measureable. To “end overfishing” is measurable. However, to “restore fish stocks in the shortest time feasible” needs to be specified. It is not clear what constitutes as the…show more content…
Currently, the global surface area of dead zone is approximately 245000 km2 and this area cannot support marine life. (“Marine Pollution.” UNESCO). This is a major threat to the oceans therefore, is a reminder to reduce ocean pollution. This target is partially being measured. There are many kinds of pollution and even if some countries have regulations not all countries are being held responsible. Currently, the ocean pH dropped by 0.1 from preindustrial times which represents a 25% increase in ocean acidity. (“Ocean Acidification.” National Geographic). As more research is being conducted, scientists are addressing the impacts of ocean acidification. Acidic pH will cause a cascade in the marine food chain impacting ocean species to various degrees. The ocean pH is predicted to continue decreasing (figure below). Therefore, it is important to focus on this target and take action. (“Acidification.” CCDC). Target five is currently being measured. Conservation of coastal and marine areas is measured using the marine protected area (MPA) which is approximately less than 3%. (Magiera). Targets four and six can be combined. Currently, 63% of global fish stocks are considered overfished. (“Overfishing.” Greenpeace). Overfishing is mainly due to the low MPA and the open access to the fisheries, there is no incentive for fishermen to leave fishes in the water. “IUU fishing accounts for 20% of the world’s catch.”
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