Reflection About Abortion

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To my mom, a fifty-year old accountant in this society, the topic of abortion seems to provoke her. Making her upset about what other people think. She believes that what she thinks is right and that everyone should think the same way as her. My mom sat on her comfy lounge chair on that Sunday afternoon, reading her kindle as always. Her fuzzy grey pajama pants and light-weight t-shirt that read “No, I’m not a morning person” were still hanging off her soft, warm body in the late afternoon light.
I’ve never brought up the topic of abortion to my mother because I knew it would cause a big debate and maybe even an argument. But what could it hurt? I really wanted to know her stance on the topic. As I sat there, at the kitchen table, in front of my mom and asked, “What age is abortion okay?” She stared at me, waiting for me to say something else. Although my mom had had an abortion at a young age, I never got to find out what her stance was on the situation. She was never open about talking about her past and I hoped to get her to open up to me. Throughout our conversation, my mom mentioned a couple key points that are really important to her on the subject. Abortion breaks the 14th amendment, abortion is killing another human being inside of one another, and federal laws protect the unborn from being killed.
I asked the first question, after a long silence, she answered. Saying, “Abortion breaks the 14th Amendment, that was designed to protect certain people, such as the

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