Reflection About Life

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Something I have always said is “life is about trials and tribulations, but it’s how you react to them that shapes the person you are.” It all started around my sophomore year of high school, the pain was excruciating and on going for months, and I just wanted answers to why I was in pain. Many doctors said the same thing, but I knew that the amount of pain I was in something was wrong. When I received the gut-wrenching news, my perspective on life changed and I realized who I needed most in my life. God helped me through the predicament that I was placed in, and I learned to grow from the tribulations I had to overcome. I have been playing soccer since I was three years old and it has been a part of me ever since. It’s the air I breath, it's my stress reliever, it’s something I turn to and just let everything go, it’s as if soccer is imbedded into my DNA. Then something changed a couple years ago during my sophomore year of soccer. The pain was excruciating, it hurt to walk, to run, to even lay on my side during the night. My gut told me something was wrong, so I went to my doctor on base and they diagnosed me with a strained hip flexor and quad muscle. I did what they prescribed me to do, but the pain only kept getting worse. I along with my parents knew their was something wrong that the doctors weren’t seeing, so they made me an appointment with Dr. Duncan. The pain had been going on for months now and I prepared myself for what I feared most in life. The first

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