Reflection About Reading

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If you ponder about it, most people wouldn’t make it in this world we live in today if they didn’t know how to read and write. Reading is everywhere and is a very important, as well as a necessary, part of the human life. Everyday activities include reading road signs, magazines, billboards, texts, newspapers, emails, books, labels and so on. Over the years of learning how to properly read and write, my family and teachers have definitely made a massive impact on my reading and writing techniques that I use today. Books have been an enormous part of my life, if not one of the biggest. They provided me with unforgettable memories that I am thankful for today as I use their advice throughout my life. Because of the fact that this was my very first day of preschool, my body was trembling under my clothes with fear. This would become my first literary memory. Man, did this day start great. Perfectly dressed from head to toe in my new favorite outfit, I strutted in boldly with a sweet smile on my face. The day started out with my classmates and I playing matching word games in a circle group together as a class. By taking turns, I got to hear other kids saying words aloud as well as myself when it was my turn. This experience helped me start learning to read because it taught me to pronounce the words and match it with what animal it paired with. As we did this activity over and over I realized that I could read all of the matching words. Our next activity was to learn bigger
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