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The students in my class were a great resource. Being around a group of people, who were in a similar starting place with their communication skills helped me feel comfortable. A number of students were able to laugh at their mistakes and it helped me laugh at my own. I believe my classmates did a wonderful job throughout the entire course. I noticed a few of them were able to get the audience interested fairly quickly and I tried to apply some of their techniques. After, I completed my second speech I paid special attention to my hook and my conclusion to address those new techniques. I noticed that the speeches I favored came from individuals that had catchy attention grabbers and really good ending phrases or jokes. There were a few …show more content…

Honestly, it did not alter it dramatically, but it did make a difference. I can imagine where it could make the speaker seem arrogant or condescending, but in this case, it was more of a signal of being tired. He seemed to be ready to get through the presentation, which made him seem disinterested. Overall, I liked his presentation because he was funny, and the steps were easy to follow. In my future presentations, I will make sure not to put my hands in my pockets if I am wearing pants with the option. I want my audience to relate to me and be intrigued about my topic and doing the latter will hinder my speech. Although, I liked his topic, it can be tough to listen to someone if they do not seem interested. I know that it can be hard to know what to do with your hands. In class we talked about gestures and how to hold your hands, but it can still be difficult even after discussing the topic. For this instance, my classmate kept fidgeting with a buckle on his jacket. I believe the action was subconscious, but it gave me a reason not to focus on what he was saying. And honestly that could be the difference between an extremely persuading speech and a flat speech. Distractions can take away from your speech and cause your audience to lose focus. There was no noise coming from it, but it was something else I could move my attention to. I have a bad habit of

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