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To begin any task, one must have a minimum amount of effort within them. Even if the task is something they do not want to do the anger of having to do it fuels the effort. And that is how I myself begin an essay, full of anger. The base of an essay begins with writing the assignment in my planner and trying to figure out how to spread my process around. Here is the mind process of an assignment for myself “okay if its due next Monday and today is Wednesday that is 4 days away, I start the outline today begin writing…Friday and then there’s 2 days left I will figure it out from there.” 4 days is a good example for my process because in my unorganized mind I like to think writing a (short) paper takes 3 days. The first I outline, the second I write and the third I revise.
Day one, the day the assignment was assigned, Wednesday the outline begins. Outlining has its own day because it makes my brains gears begin to turn. I do not start the paper that day because the short sentences I jot down in my outline may be terrible and in my outline state of mind I don’t know it. Equal reasoning as to why I do not just open word and start because I have no idea what route I’m taking the paper yet. Okay, to start any work that requires focus I like to open Spotify and start “the best playlist ever” to create a productive atmosphere for myself. I then sit in any chair and table combination and begin the outline: paper, pen and highlighter at my disposal. I write out the assignment on the

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