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I Believe Therefore It is …... In this class we have a credo, and in that credo there are some key words that were capitalized: Read, Think, Write, College Level, rigorously, Holistically, Learning, Safe, and Fun. Everyone has their own way of defining words, some maybe the same and some may be different but that’s ok. In this essay I am going to thoroughly and efficiently explain to you in my own words what each of these words mean to me in the context of this course. To me the ability to read is much deeper than the familiarity of words in a text, more so being able to fully understand what you've read, having the ability to summarize and explain what you have read, and recognizing the main idea/purpose of the text. After reading the text you being to think. The capability to think is more than your brain generating thoughts. I see thinking as the ability to reflect, analyze, problem solve, and to generate productive ideas. The only tools you'll need bring your thought process to life is a pen and a sheet of paper. Writing goes further than putting words on a sheet of paper or typing them up on a computer at this point writing would be pointless, instead writing is bringing reality to our productive ideas and the blue print to our never ending thoughts. Generally when we hear the term "College Level" we automatically think advanced and fast pace. As for me "College Level" is just complex assignment and fancy words, which I believe will benefit us in the near
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