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Tune in and listen without judging the other individual or rationally condemning the things she lets you know. In the event that what she says alerts you, simply stay quiet, yet don't state to yourself, "Well, that was a dumb move." As soon as you enjoy judgmental bemusements, you've traded off your adequacy as an audience. Tune in without forming a hasty opinion. Keep in mind that the speaker is utilizing dialect to speak to the contemplations and sentiments inside her cerebrum. You don't recognize what those musings and emotions are and the main way you'll discover is by tuning in. Try not to be a sentence-grabber (Wolvin, 1985).
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As I was speaking in the meeting that made me feel so awkward in front of everyone, because it seemed as if he did not like my proposal. But, later when I spoke to him personally about the incident and asked him the reason for his walk out. He said that he received a text message and it was a medical emergency that he has to leave immediately. Then I felt it would have been more appropriate if he would have communicated to me non-verbally in that situation, instead of just walking out. Nonetheless, these days proficient communicators are completely mindful of the messages sent non– verbally so they intentionally endeavor to control the sort of impression they are making. Such impressions are made not just through grins, grimaces, eye contact and bodily actions yet additionally through the outfitting and course of action of workplaces, surroundings, and the fluency while communicating. When people argue over an issue, I never take sides, instead listen to both the parties completely and openly face to face. Believe them irrespective of the issue and then speak from inside depending on the situation and make them understand the value of workplace and professional relationships and advise them not to brag over simple issues as it might affect their ethical behavior and mental health. Modi, the current Prime Minister of India is my

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