Reflection Essay

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In life dilemmas, do you often feel you’re unable to endure through daily functions? For my family, this happens every day with very few serene moments. During the peaceful times, my mind and body are at ease and I wish that feeling would last forever. Unfortunately, the aroma of tranquility departs while I’m experiencing the motions of my demanding life. In these stressful moments, diligent quotes such as “This, too, shall pass” and “Everything happens for a reason” help accomplish my daily responsibilities. In the past few years, these encouraging words provided me the confidence to overcome obstacles with my family, anxiety, and depression. However, sometimes my depression consumes my entire body and I feel lifeless and numb. These feelings don’t allow me to relax after stressful times and it becomes difficult to fight the negative thoughts. The stress in my home is from two siblings, my melodramatic eleven-year-old brother, Daniel, who has bipolar disorder. He has stayed in mental hospitals multiple times in Champaign and Chicago, from being violent and unsafe at home. When he was gone for months at a time, I missed him so much. I felt a void in the house when it was just my parents and my youngest brother, William. He is a temperamental nine-year-old, who in the past year has been diagnosed with oppositional defiant disorder (ODD). Recently, he has caused a plethora of issues in the home environment with his screeching, crying, and poor behavior. Having two brothers

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