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Happiness, enjoyment, ecstasy, these sense of feeling people always talk about, which lingering around my ears ever since I was a little kid, gets me tired from even giving a try to dig in and to truly understand what it means to be happy, to enjoy, and live in ecstasy. But there is one moment, the moment which crumbles my thought, has impacted me deeply that makes me wonder: Why do people wish for happiness, isn’t happiness expressed through our laughters and on our smiling face? If not, then what is that authentic and permanent happiness we can get? This all starts from the last parent meeting at the end of my elementary school life, which influences my attitude, my personality, and my plans for the future that is close at hand.
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All of a sudden, this scent of surprise and hope perishes like the candlefire, from either faces; Anger, regret, and embarrassment turned Harry’s face into purple yam that he wants to jump into the void and never come back.
Sitting with father, my heart is crumbling and jump all over my atrium like a captured squirrel trying to escape the cage. Inside my brain there is a movie tape playing back all the moments, the troublesome moments that I had, all the unpleasant incidents with my classmates or my teachers, I’m too scare to even think about the exposure of these wrongdoings caused my my impulsions. I closed my eyes, imagining my homeroom teacher as the god, shall forgive me this one time and make my life easier since I worked hard under her for the entire year. The time has come, as she opened her mouth and shout out my name, the perturbation I felt is as a throne for the king which I have to carry it alone by myself. Fortunately, she describes me as an overall good student, just need to change my indulgent personality a little. As the big throne disappeared from my back, I suddenly feel relieved, relaxed, and I smiled. It was a smile not only for my lucky escape from the hell gate, but for those people who gets unlucky, being embarrassed and going to get condemned by their parents. After this thirty minute battle of mental stability, inside the toasted sultry classroom, the final part of the meeting, has come.

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