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There I was in the eleventh grade in my final month of school before Summer break. I was sitting in the front row near the door of my Math Inquiry classroom, just behind the foreign exchange student from Japan, Kokoro. The room was empty with just two students. With five total in the class, three of which were absent, it was just Kokoro and I. As we were looking over the math I found it to be the most heinous subject. I could not comprehend the material my teacher lectured on the unit circle. The curriculum for that was difficult. As a result my teacher Mrs. Dickey an intervention specialist and math major managed to answer my questions when I could not comprehend the material. At first I was someone who wanted to be a perfectionist. My …show more content…

“The circle is in four divisions”, she pointed out to the both of us. “The circle is just a pattern that you have to follow. If you cut it into fourths and divide the work, you will understand it much faster. Carefully examine the degrees and the outer radicands. “ Mrs. Dickey pointed at the paper diagram. “Now, I want you to try on your own and see what you can come up with.” Reluctantly, Kokoro and I went to the smart board and pulled up a diagram of the circle with blank parts. She wanted to me to fill out what I already knew first onto the circle. I pondered, “What do I know?” The first section was the radical fractions and the degrees. I stood still and barely filled in four spaces. Once again she came up and pointed out, “Each section has a pattern, Sam.” Immediately I interrupted her, “How did you get there?” She carried on with an explanation that I still could not comprehend. For this reason, she left for a minute and came back to see how we were doing in just a short time. Kokoro came up to the board with me and understood the pattern when Mrs. Dickey worked with her for a small allotment of time. She looked over at me and inquired if I understood. I explained to her once again, “I don’t get it, Mrs. Dickey. I don’t understand any of this. It’s way to hard and there’s so much you have to know.” In the same manner with the other student, she took each section a part on the board for me. “Individually how each step works is that first

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