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Over the course of history, evolution has affected different species in their own unique way; the human race is one of them. With time we all can change for the better or the worst that is one of the many things that make us human. We all have different personalities and interests whether it be reading a book or wrenching on a car, that is what defines each of us individually. When I was born I may have been a regular newborn baby on the outside to the common eye but surely I was not on the inside. I was born with a heart condition that made me a million dollar baby faster then you can blink an eye spending the first eighteen months of my life on oxygen and medical monitors at the hospital and at home so my mother would read to me which …show more content…

They are a wealth of information on finding books that kids enjoy”(Rick Riordan). I never really enjoyed reading for the simple fact that I could never connect with the story or the author; Therefore, leading me to not have a personal investment to the novel. Also as I had mentioned prior, I had a problem with authority figures assigning a book to read which only further lead to my demise of reading. This all changed on one normal day at school during 6th-grade English class just after finishing an assignment I decided to wander over to the bookshelf to gander on what was presently available. Upon looking at the shelves I picked up a book called Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan. This led me to one of the best discoveries I have ever made in my entire life to date, I can actually enjoy reading with a passion and vigor. The moment I starting reading I was hooked like a fish. There was nothing that could pry the book from my hand’s even with a twenty-foot crowbar. I spent many hours on my bed reading, flashlight in hand before I was so tired I couldn't read any longer. It would not be until years later I would understate how truly Riordan and his books affected my life forever. Not only did my love of novels and short stories developed but also how I interacted with them. Prior to discovering Riordan's books I had a difficult time mentally picturing what was occurring robbing me of such an important and vivid

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