Example Of A Community Essay

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I believe a community is a group of people who live in a common location. The community is filled with people who have and share similar interests, income, ethnic backgrounds, and religious beliefs. There are many different communities throughout the United States that vary in their interest, beliefs, backgrounds, education, etc. I believe this plays a part in affecting the community’s health care, jobs, resources, etc. For example, there could be a wealthy community made up of doctors and lawyers who receive the best housing and the best health care. However, there could be a community within fifteen minutes of those same doctors and lawyers who are hard blue-collar workers that receive adequate health care and housing. This also could be the same for a community who is considered poor and has no health care and little opportunities for housing and jobs.
My community is located on the southwest side of Chicago in a town known as Garfield Ridge. In my community, I noticed many of the houses are similar in size and majority of the community consists of individuals who are of Irish or Polish descent and who are of a Catholic religious background. I know this because I grew up in this community and by driving around you can see many Catholic churches, private Catholic schools, and the individuals outside and in shops are all Caucasian. The surrounding restaurants and bars are either Irish or Polished named. In the community, many people are fireman, police, teachers, and

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