Reflection Of Art

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Art is special because it takes so many different shapes and forms that every single person can connect with it in their own personal way. When people think of art, they think of artist and their ability to paint on a canvas. Being an artist is such a broad term because anyone can create art. That concept itself is hard for a lot of people to grasp. Culinarians are artist because they create something beautiful, but people do not consider it art since it is edible. The dessert I chose to compare is simplistic, yet bold. The art piece I chose is abstract expressionism, more specifically action painting, which too is bold. The purpose of expressionism is to express yourself. Instead of focusing on a concept, you are focusing on emotions. The reason I chose the painting I did is because it is scattered which is the complete opposite of the dessert that appears more simplistic. The painting is abstract, meaning it does not represent anything specific. However, it still manages to convey more meaning to it that cannot be expressed with a theme. Because it does not tell you how to feel, individuals can pinpoint and interpret how they themselves want to feel. When I look at this painting I feel a mixture of anger and relief. How not put together it seems comforts me knowing that there isn’t something specific to it that I am missing, because I am supposed to take away from it what I want to. I personally feel as though my life is a mess and that I am scattered. I feel that in

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