Reflection Of Personal Writing : My Definition Of Writing

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I sit in my room, using my laptop, trying to think of the progression that I made so far during this year in terms of writing. I can say that the journey that I have come across is not easy. I started from the bottom and I feel like I am somewhere in the middle, not quite at the top, yet. Nevertheless, I am satisfied with my current state. I believe that there is only one room for me, which is a room for improvement. Compare to the start the start of the semester, I am a lot better at writing now, especially on research papers. I have realized by looking at the feedbacks and editing my paper several times, I have become a better writer.
This course has taught me how to use a formal tone when writing an academic paper. However, as for a …show more content…

14). Without stating where I obtained my content, my claim looks like something that I made up without doing the study. However, with the author’s name provided, my readers can go to the original source and see if my claim is real or not. Furthermore, I can also make my claim stronger by stating who did the research. Without providing sufficient evidences, my argument became weaker and unreliable. I also have to know my sources well if I do not want to be in a situation where I don’t have control over my sources like Nancy Sommers. By having control over our evidence, our claim became significantly stronger. I learned a valuable lesson through Nancy Sommers and by reflecting on my teacher’s comment.
This English course has taught me how to use a counter argument wisely and efficiently. I learned that having a strong counter argument will persuade my readers to believe what I said. When you have an argument with someone, being able to counter back means you are not losing. A person loses an argument when he/she has nothing to say back. When I reread my paper, I realized that one of my counter argument was relatively weak compared to others. Having a weak counter argument was one of my main problem. I stated that, “It is also the job of the government to enforce a stricter rule regarding marijuana” (Mawia, pp. 13). To get my argument stronger, I

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