The Reflection Of Writing : My Voice In Writing

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Voice in writing is a tricky thing. All of my public education has taught me that to write with any hint of informality is a cardinal sin. Essays are respectable, formal. Kindly leave all that artistic rubbish to the novelists. This is not how I write. I have learned how to insert my unique perspective into my work and voice is a big part of that. My voice is what makes my writing my writing. While I was quite good at analyzing works coming into this class, when it comes to writing for an audience I really did come into my own during the semester. I also learned how to ask better questions and think critically on how I went about writing. Now, with a semester under my belt, I can confidently mesh different sources into my paper, write to an audience rather than at an audience, question my reality, and cultivate a writing process to bring it all together. In my first paper I referenced one of my favorite shows, Bojack Horseman. I loved being able to give a plug to an awesome show, but I didn’t just shoehorn my boy Bojack in for the sake of a few laughs on my end. I really did think that the show was a good example of the point I was trying to make. Evidence to back your cases doesn’t have to come from an old dusty tome. Of course, academic sources carry more weight than witty television programs, and naturally those tv shows are more accessible than a lengthy research paper. Both have their pros and cons, I merge both formal and informal sources well. In my first paper I
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