Reflection Of Self Reflection

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I read some of the chapters from these books and the two articles because after completing about two years in family based, I started to realize that as I was attempting to become a more systemic thinker, I started to lose sight of the unique contributions that individuals bring to the family and relationships. I loved the masters program at Eastern University in Clinical Counseling as it has prepared us for understanding individuals at a meaningful and deep level. However, I only had one class in marriage and family systems during the program, and when I started the job as a family based therapist, I found myself anxious at the thought of engaging multiple individuals in a therapeutic conversation. I tend to respond in two ways when I sense a limitation within my skill level. One way is to become overwhelmed and avoid having to be reminded that I am not competent, and a second response is to take it upon myself to practice rigorously. Because I was fascinated by family therapy, I started to immerse myself in learning as much as I could, through workshops, supervision, trainings, and books, and including applying to this program. Meanwhile this has helped tremendously in my job; I started to sense that I was focusing more on the process that I was expecting the family to be at based on predictions from previous families I worked with similar dynamics instead of maintaining the uniqueness of each family, and especially of each individual family member. I therefore was become

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