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I have been asked to write this essay as part of my assessment for the ILM Level 3 course that I am undertaking. This essay is to show my understanding of Leadership; the different styles of leadership and the effects it can have on staff. I am currently not supervising any members of staff but I aim to show how I have led in different situations. I am completing this course for my own personal development, as I would like to progress further in my career, now that my children are older.
There are many qualities that a leader should possess, and I have outlined some of these below:
Honesty; it is important to be honest, even when what you have to say may be negative. If you say you are going to do something then you should do this. …show more content…

Urgency; the leader needs to be able to prioritise work and decide what is really urgent and what is not.

Laissez-Faire – this is a French word which when translated means “let people do as they choose”. This style of leadership, in my opinion, is quite lackadaisical. The leader allows group members to work on their own, use their own initiative, and make their own decisions. Also sometimes known as delegative leadership. Laissez-Faire leaders give very little assistance and/or guidance to members of their team. This can be really effective in the situation where employees are skilled, motivated, experienced, intellectual, and capable of working on their own. It gives workers a sense of ownership and independence to decide when and how they will undertake their given task. Research has shown that this style of leadership results in the lowest productivity among group members, unfinished work and lost work hours. This style of leadership does not suit employees who perform to a better standard where they are given more instruction by their supervisors.
Famous Laissez-Faire leaders; Queen Victoria, Herbert Hoover and Andrew Mellon. Autocratic – this is opposite from Laissez-Faire. The person in charge makes all the decisions with no input at all from staff. This style of leadership is perfect in situations where decisions urgently need to be made. The leader needs to know

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