Reflection Of Tchaikovsky : The Different Emotions Of Music

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music is beautiful, it has different emotions. Joy, sorrow, love, and pain for example. Music gives me joy. I can sit for hours listening to different pieces. I love the classical era. Tchaikovsky is an amazing composer, i'm in love with his 1812 Overture and how he wrote for canons to be fired a total of 16 times. That is so cool! I've played the viola for 4 years now, and while it wasn't my choice to start, I love playing it immensly. There are times when I can't play a piece the way I would like to that I just want to set Xander, my current viola, in a corner and never play again. I eventually force myself to resume practicing even if it might be a few days later. There are always the ups and downs of music; the excitment of first …show more content…

Over the years I have, thankfully, improved; I learned to love my instrument insteading wishing I was never made to play the weird piece of wood with animal guts strung across. There is just something about playing music, feeling the music and putting emotion into a page filled with dots and lines; learning to shift for the first time and the excitement that brought, feeling like you were at least at an intermediate level now only to realize months later that it was still beginner and you are now intermediate. I was excited for learning vibrato, I just knew that my playing would sound amazing with it; when my teacher, Mr. Lee, first taught me, I was so excited but when I tried, it was harder than I expected. How was I ever going to hold Precious, the first viola, without it sitting on my wrist. How could I play while only supporting it with one part of my hand WHILE moving my hand back and forth at such a rapid pace! He told me to try it while playing in orchestra but I didn't want people to see my hand shaking all over the place. Against my brain telling me not to, I followed my teachers advice and it helped me immensly; I got so much better at vibrato in short time. Orchestra is awesome! One day, Hannah, my best friend, asked me if I was going to be in our orchestra for the upcoming year; I was actually shocked that she would ask me that because it had

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