Reflection Of The Task Conducted By Me As A Group Member During Completion Of My Coursework

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Executive Summary
This report is the reflection of the task conducted by me as a group member during completion of my coursework. The practical activities helped me to understand my stregth and weaknesses. The accomplishment of the tasks helped me to understand and identify strategies of self-development as well as motivate myself to become a better person in totality. Communication and social skill along with strategic management of situation are essential component of management but it is required for own existence as well. The social and cognitive learning pattern is crucial for human existence. The continuous learning process and development of the human instigates survival as well as management. The management and organisational practices are replica of the similar practical aspects. This reflection report highlights and elaborates self as well as group performance issues along with appropriate mitigation of the same.

Personality organisation and development is the continuous process that regulates responses as well as reflects trait composition of the individual. The course work of “Manager and organisation” provided the opportunity to go through educational activities. These activities helped me to discover my self-limitation along with the discovery of gaps between theoritical framework and practical applicability of skills (French et al.2011). Behaviourists have identified human response and learning pattern.
The activities have

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