Reflection On Activity Game 2

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Group Reflection Report
Activity Game II

Group 2

1. What group decision-making process was being followed in order to achieve the end result?
The following are the decision-making process that our group followed in order to achieve the end result.
a) Identifying the Goal
b) Identify alternatives
c) Implementation of team decision
The members started to brain storm individually when lecturer gave us 5 minutes. We were not allowed to discuss among the members before starting the game activity. As soon as sir set the time, we started to discuss on how to build the tallest tower. The competition was with other 6 groups. The team came up with time division. The group identified the goal to build the tallest tower …show more content…

The time that we was given in the group was limited with only thirty minutes to build the tallest tower. All the member managed the time carrying out different activities such as rolling the paper, stabling the paper, building and passing the materials in constructing the tower which helped in completing the tower before the given time.

4. What do you feel could have been improved in your group process in order to achieve an even better end result?
To build the tallest paper tower with limited equipments and time is simpler but actually pretty hard because it forces people to collaborate very quickly. To have some improvement in team work process, the entire group member should know how to express their perception openly. The most important in the team work is through existence of group coordinator who should take a task dynamically and responsively. To make team process effective and efficient, following plan should have handled properly to do the things differently in future:

 Encourage team members to share their ideas
Every member should encourage co-members to share their views and information openly. The facilitator should highlight on each member’s ideas and let them demonstrate how all of their ideas will help in achieving the

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