Reflection On Dance

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I am very glad that I was able to take dance composition this quarter. From the first few classes, I knew that this class would be what I looked forward to most. Reflecting back, there were so many times when I would run up to my friends at home after class and tell them about the mind-blowing things that happened in composition that day. What ensued during class time was always a fun and exciting dinner conversation topic. The first “assignment” of free writing then crossing everything out was a refreshing start to the quarter. The act of trashing what I just put effort into was a feeling I do not think I have experienced before that moment. It made me reflect about attachment, even to things that were very insignificant, considering what I free-wrote about was very unimportant. Detaching myself from my choreography is one of the big ideas that I am taking away from this class. What makes what I created so important? Making movement looking forward, I will always think back to this and will try my best to be open to discarding things more easily. One of my favorite classes was the slow-motion walk day. I did not know what to expect at all. I thought I would be bored and not have a good time at all. The opposite happened, even before the whole protester debacle, it was so entertaining to experience everyday life at that pace. I hope that I will have the time over break to do this activity again. I want everyone I know to experience the feeling of slow motion, so

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