Reflection On Gender Roles

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In the workplace, there are many ways that gender affects my roles. My first job in high school was at a salon called Head to Toe and my gender played a huge role in my role in the workplace and the expectations placed on me. The first way that my gender played a role was I was expected to dress up for work every day. This meant styling my hair, putting make up on, and wearing nice clothes, even though I had to deal with chemicals with bleaching properties to clean the tools. This does make sense when looking at the line of work that I was in, but on days that I was working with chemicals or the week where I was painting the walls, I was still expected to dress up. My day to day tasks usually involved doing the laundry, getting drinks for customers, and working the register. None of these tasks were specifically given to me because of my gender, but my gender did play a role in how well I was expected to do them.
Looking back now, I was held to a much higher standard when it came to folding laundry and interacting with customers, that my fellow male receptionist. If I were to categorize the type of gender stereotype that was imposed, it would be the figurative mother. I was expected to “take care of the ‘emotional labor’ for everyone- to smile exchange pleasantries, prepare coffee and snacks, and listen to, support and help others” (210). These jobs were a majority of what I was expected to do even when I was not working as a receptionist. Women are expected to do the jobs they are assigned, but also do the emotional labor at the same time. On page 213 of the textbook I really resonated with the paragraph by Charlotte. She talks about how her coworkers would come to her and the other female for personal reasons, but never for professional advice. This is something that I experienced often in this workplace. When someone used the computers and were not familiar with them, they would ask the male worker advice instead of me, even though I had more with the system. After a few months, I ended up quitting the job because I did not like the way they treated me in the workplace and the attitudes they had about other women who did not follow the stereotypical gender norms. After leaving my job at the salon, I
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