Reflection On Greenbrier And Conway

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Have you ever had any connections in a club, a sport, or a Church group? Well I have in a Church group at NLC in Greenbrier and Conway.

I go to Greenbrier or Conway NLC it’s pronounced “New Life Church” I have the best leaders and friends in this Church. Some connections are telling about our fillings and we all don't judge each other. We all have fun playing games together, and we love each other to death. We write sticky notes and write what our friends problems or are problems who we need to pray for like if a mom has cancer we will pray for her in life groups, when your getting bullied we will pray for the bully or the person who is getting bullied and stuff like those problems.

Some stuff I learned in Church groups is that God is always are father, if we sin He forgives us all the time, God loves us no matter what we do, he always has good futures for some of us, and I have a book that our Church gave us it's a book/Bible that has every date and it says stuff like “ What you should do that day” or “Just when you have hard times go pray or worship God. I read the book …show more content…

Some more connections I have is we all laugh together, talk about God, and we all love each other the same way God loves us. Some more stuff I learn is just all about God and life sitions and how to solve them. Also in Greenbrier it's a really small Church and it makes me feel like this is everybody's home and we are all sisters and brothers and in Conway it's humongous and a lot of people go there and it's always crowded and i makes me feel the same way it feels in Greenbrier.

In my opinion you should come to NLC on Sunday at 11:15 services in greenbrier right by the Capacitors just behind it, it will make you feel happy and feel like God is always with you and make you like you are at home. That’s some connections and some I learn about in my small groups and in NLC (New life

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