Reflection On My Classroom

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I have never truly analyzed my surrounding as much as I did today. I noticed that my surrounding has an impact on my mood and performance. The colors of our walls, the colors and patterns of our furniture, the smell in the air, the lack of or the buildup of dust, all affects us; the issue is that this impact usually is not felt for an extended period of time post-exposure.For example, rooms with bright light can improve depression and anxiety. Certain colors can affect your mood in a positive way. Like colors like Yellow is thought of as joyful, outgoing, and friendly. As I analyzed my Philosophy class, I noticed that my surrounding affect my mood and performance.

. As I walked into room I noticed everything from a different perspective. Each step that I took on the white, polish floor I was hesitant to find a sit. The room is often disorganized and this drives me crazy. As I walk to my small desk the color of a tree bark I seat weary. I took out my notebook and pen ready for the lesson. The class starts at 2: 00 pm but I was in school from 8 am so that contributed to my feeling of being tired. My brown eyes started observing the room like a hawk. Noticing how the walls were painted a nice ivory color, there were four chalkboards and a stunning view of the campus. I like to sit next to the window because the light helps wake me up a little. I sat next to a girl that is always so nice. She offers me cookies and I took some without hesitation, she asks me “you

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