Reflection On Self Reflection

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My observers thought that I model the way more than I expected myself to be. I rated myself a 20 but my observers averaged out a 24.8. out of the four observers, they all rated me higher than 20 individually. For inspire a shared vision I rated myself a 21, a little more than model the way, but by observers didn’t agree so much for that. The observers average was a 19.8 and individually, they were all below 20, aside from one who rated a 27. Challenging the process I am numbered at 17 however, my observers, though I am more than I expected myself to be. The observers average Is a 20 but individually they all rated me below a 20 aside from one individual. Enabling others to act I was rated similarly to what my observers rated me. I labeled myself at 26 which is pretty high and my observers labeled me at 26.3. For encouraging the heart, I rated myself at 19 but my observers thought I was much more than that. Every individual rated me higher than a 20 which is outstanding because I didn't see myself as being motivational. More people believe that I paint the “big picure” of group aspirations than myself. Connecting this to inspire a shared vision, I rated myself a 2 but the oberservers average is at 3.8, this is interesting since I didn’t see myself as motivational. I do see myself modeling the way and setting a personal example, when it comes to family or leading by example. I am labeled as a 5 and my observers believed I am a 4.7, so they don’t believe I’m so far behind.

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