Reflection On The Self Essay

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Article Reflections on the Self: A Case Study of a Prosopagnosic Patient (2008) and Movement Cues Aid Face Recognition in Developmental Prosopagnosia (2015) give a review on visual agnosia. These article’s main focus is on prosopagnosia. Sigmund Freud coined the term visual agnosia back in 1891. Visual agnosia is the ability to see an image and store it, but there is an impairment in visually recognizing the specific object. There are a plethora of subtypes of visual agnosia, which include prosopagnosia (the inability to recognize faces), achromatopsia (the inability to distinguish different colors), landmark agnosia (the inability to recognize buildings and places), etc. If one suffers from visual agnosia they can have multiple subtypes of associative agnosia. In the review case study, The Man Who Mistook his Wife for a Hat (Sacks, 1995), Dr. P was diagnosed with Prosopagnosia, Landmark Agnosia, and Simultagnosia. The first article, Reflections on the Self: A Case Study of a Prosopagnosic Patient by Stanley Klein, Rami Gabriel, Cynthia Gangi and Theresa Robertson take a look at a patient who suffers from prosopagnosia and how it can affect one’s personality. Researchers were curious to see if there was a relationship between brain activity of someone with prosopagnosia and their personality. They were interested in this specific topic because of the historical importance of the brain’s process of facial recognition. Based on evolution, an important mechanism for survival

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