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February 10, 2013 Theo 104 Reflection Paper #1 I. Introduction This paper will be written to discuss ideas that have been discussed in Theology 104. This class has covered such a wide range of topics in just the first 4 weeks. The 2 topics I have decided to write about are the importance of personal testimonies and God’s grace. II. Part One a. Theological Definition A testimony is how one person’s Christian walk came to be. They are used to show how someone was saved. It tells about their life experiences as a Christian, or how they came to Christ. Typically people share their testimony as an evangelical aid. A testimony could also be shared to give encouragement to struggling Christians. Dr. Towns states in the presentation…show more content…
Some verses that come to mind are “for by grace are you saved through faith,” and in Titus where it says, “For the grace of God that brings salvation has appeared to all men.” The verse in Titus shows that grace can be readily given to everyone regardless of anything. The whole idea of grace is that it is not pushed upon us it is freely given. God makes it available to us but we have to take it. c. Practical Application Grace is seen throughout the world. I have a personal story of grace. The first job I ever had, I was a cashier at a home improvement store. One night a few months into the job my drawer came up $20 short. My supervisor told me that this offense had a week suspension attached to it. I immediately inquired as if there were a way to circumvent this, he said he would speak to the manager and get back to me. I go in the next day to discover my fate, and first the manager spoke to me about how serious of a transgression this was. He then told me that my supervisor pushed for my manager to waive the suspension based upon the facts that I was new and young. This grace was shown to me and I was immediately grateful and became much more loyal to my manager and supervisor. IV. Conclustion My progression in my Christian walk has greatly been furthered along by this course, even as we are only 50% through it. Testimonies are quite important as it can make the gospel much more powerful and attractive to non-believers. This just makes the gospel even

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