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I have had hardships and there are events that have shaped me into being who I am today. My parents went through a very difficult time from 2003-2010 and during that time I was forced to care for and shape my younger brother into a decent, gentlemanly individual, this was difficult not only because I was so young (three years old to ten) but because my younger brother has terrets. My parents were always trying their best to coping with a tragic loss to really give my brother and I the time and attention craved for. I of course completely understand now why they struggled so much but I am disappointed that I was never really allowed to be a child, my life so far has just been about taking care of my younger brother, making sure that he has …show more content…

That was my past. I am going to speak about what happened later, after the evil, after the pain, after all of that heartache went away. I'm going to flash forward to now. I am happy. Those are words I never would've thought that I would say much less type. I am happier now than I ever have been.
I have a family who loves me, I have friends who adore me, but the reason I'm a happy human being in this world now isn't just because of the friends and family I possess. Though the people I hold dearly help me more than I can express in words. My reason for my happiness? It's because of a guy that I met a while ago. I know it sounds extremely unrealistic that we will stay together for the rest of our lives but he has problems and so do I. we have spoken about many things. Our pasts, our present, and our future together, he has helped me more than therapists ever have, and more than medicine ever could. I love this young man more than anything I have ever cared about in my life. And the even better part? My little brother and him are two very good friends. They joke, they pick on each other, and they both get along so well together that my heart just melts looking at them together. My parents have said on many occasions that they would take Hagan (my dearest goofball) in anytime, they even say that they'd trade me in for him. Hagan, of course always talks about how much he loves my family. He

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