Reflection Paper

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During this course, we have discussed the various ethnicities that make up the American culture and the effects that happen to each. I found the class to be refreshing considering how people view ethnicity and its interaction in the history of our country. My intent of this final essay is to cover what my views of the ethnic makeup and diversity that exists in America today. Next, I will cover how historical conditions that were covered in the class have influenced the current ethnic relations in the United States, and how my experiences guided me to these points in history. Finally, I will compare my own experiences with an individual with different experiences than myself. Personal experiences and continuing education have given me a different perspective on ethnicity in America. For this section of the essay, it will cover what my views of the diverse and ethnic makeup of the United States from my youth to now. I will also inject my personal views about ethnicity and diversity and how it has evolved with the life experiences I gained from my youth growing with small-town experiences of an adult with greater experiences. My personal experiences growing up and considering my and others ethnicity was at the time limiting in some ways. Raised in the 70’s was a different experience for me, I understood that I was white but not in the sense of today. I remember in elementary school being taught that there were no differences between races and that what really mattered was
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