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A New Perspective In my senior year of high school, I earned my Certified Nurse Aid licensure. This was a huge accomplishment for me because I would love to have a job in the medical field and this was an opportunity to get my foot in the door. I was hired by a nursing home in Wilmington, I couldn’t wait to go to work and start making real money. I have to admit, I was mainly excited for the huge pay raise compared to my previous landscaping job. When I started my job, I was mainly working to earn a paycheck. It didn’t take long for me to realize that my job wasn’t just a job. My duties as a Certified Nurse Aid included assisting the residents with everyday activities, cleaning, and recording vitals. In the beginning, I found myself just going through the motions and doing whatever was asked of me. Normally, I work third shift which is from 11pm-7pm. I decided to work this shift because I wouldn’t have to give up my precious hours during the day. Also, I assumed it would be easier because all the residents would be asleep. I really enjoyed my job, I knew I was helping people and that made me feel good. It just didn’t seem to sink in that what I was doing was having a huge impact on other people’s lives. Soon enough. I would realize how important my job was. I went into work at 11:00 pm one night, not motivated at all. When I got to work, I clocked in and sat in the office and messed with my phone. All of a sudden, I got this feeling to go check on this one particular lady.

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