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Growing up I was always taught that everyone was created equal, although my parents are not religious they always believed that we all came from somewhere and that we were all equals on this earth. I grew up in a small town so there was no diversity really. No one was ever treated too different based on what they looked like or what gender they were. We were just a small community of rednecks all just trying to live our lives. Growing up you don’t think that being a girl or being a boy, had much influence on what you would do when you grew up, sure girls and boys always would claim to be better and make little jokes at each other. That wasn’t serious to a fourth grader. I grew up with mostly men in my household with my mother being gone, I was raised to be just as tough as my brothers, I got the same chores as them, and the same punishment as them when I got in trouble. We were always treated as equals and that was the norm for me. It wasn’t until I was 16 that these beliefs I had grown up on were ever truly challenged. It was when I got a job at near by country club, I babysat at a daycare and cleaned towels. I got paid above minimum wage, around $10 an hour. I had worked their for a little over a year when I noticed one of my good friends who worked in the same department as me, was making $2 more than I was and I asked him when he had gotten a raise, he simply replied with he had never gotten one. This seemed odd to me because we had the same job description, to

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