My Past School Experiences And Out Of School

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I truly believe the saying ‘in order to know who you are today, you must look at who you’ve been.’ My past school experiences and out of school experiences have been a huge contribution to who I am, and what I believe in now. However, I got to decide if these experiences had a negative or positive effect on me. By recognizing what and how something influences us gives us the opportunity to have authority over our mind and what we teach others. I was the first born girl in my family. Growing up in a big family with many girl cousins, my life was filled with Bratz and Barbie’s. We spent a lot of time playing house, school, and playing with the easy bake oven. Even when we was outside we were fake cooking with leaves as greens, sand as salt, and using sticks as spoons, and also talking our babies dolls for walks in his/her stroller. Everything we did was centered on feminine activities. I think this was because the household I grew up in with two boys in two girls. My mother was always an advocate for gender roles. She believes males should take out the trash and females should wash the dishes. This was never challenged by any of my teachers. It wasn’t challenged until I went to the College of Education summer program where I learned about gender role. The chapter “Unlearning the myths that bind us: Critiquing fairy tales and films” in Christensen L (2001) book talks about how Disney displays the gender roles. She was talking about kids when she said, “They learn that

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