Reflection Paper Of Psychology

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Over the course of this class I have learned several concepts pertaining to the subject of Psychology, but most importantly, the human body and process their minds go through. I have developed a deep insight of how fascinating and complex our body and mind are. For the past 10 days, I have kept track of my daily life routines and habits that have affected my sleep and the dreams I experience during that time. Throughout this paper I will discuss my dreams, how my psychological, physical, and diet health contributed, and how this experience changed my views on proper mental and physical. This assignment was very difficult as I have trouble recalling dreams after waking up. Luckily, I could write down enough of what I remember before it left my memory. To do this, I placed a notepad and pen on my nightstand so whether I woke up right after the dream or didn’t, I would be able to record my memories of it. Throughout the 10 days, I only had two dreams solely because I almost never have a dream regardless of my mental or physical state. However, I did notice reoccurring factors in my daily life that contributed to having a dream that I will discuss later. On the first night that I began recording data, I experienced a horrible nightmare that was most certainly odd. Because I only recalled two “scenes,” I was unable to associate it with something that happened that day. All I remembered was being in the house I lived in before I joined the military and there was a ghost. Then,

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