Reflection Paper On Negotiation

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INTRODUCTION The course BA 322 handled a plethora of intellectual concepts to use in negotiations. Although negotiation results can be fickle depending on a number of different variables like parties’ culture, ethics, and size, bargaining types and so on, this course covered the general principles to apply as a new negotiator, or even at a professional level. During our modules, we were assigned complete four different questionnaires and four different role-play exercises. The questionnaires enabled me to assess how I am as a negotiator. And the role-play exercises gave opportunities to implement what I have learned throughout the each lesson. Both of these tasks certainly aided me identify what negotiating skills to work on to become a better negotiator.

Questionnaire I: Personal Bargaining Inventory As we explored why negotiation is important and its basic knowledges introduction in Lesson 1, this questionnaire was given to know more about ourselves as a negotiator. Its purpose was to help clarify personal beliefs, values and styles in negotiations. I absolutely agree with the result I had from the questionnaire. And thanks to Personal Bargaining Inventory, I was able to get those in legitimate words and discuss with classmates. The questionnaire had two separated parts. Its first part was Rating Your Own Behavior. And the other was Rating People’s Behavior in General. There were two statements out of the Part I which I felt most strongly about. They were “I am sincere

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