Reflection Paper On Slime

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On a summer afternoon, as I make my way up to Ling’s house, I was full of excitement because I knew, as I get there, my boredom will be extinguished! If you read this, just know that you are in for a long ride of reading what I did at Ling’s house! Ling and I were making satisfying videos of slime, we were making fascinating slime. Plus, we were talking about Minecraft and school too! Ling got her iPad and all of her crunchy slime plus she went to the video app so we could make satisfying slime videos. Ling and I wanted to make a satisfying slime video with the crunchy purple slime first, so we did. At first, when we recorded the crunchy purple slime, it was not loud enough to be in a satisfying slime ASMR Youtube video, so we tried to poke the slime harder while we recorded the slime. (ASMR is Autonomous sensory meridian response, which means a tingling sensation on the skin.) Additionally, we poked the slime so the slime would look satisfying to watch. If you want to know how to poke slime to make it look satisfying for your satisfying video, you would need to poke it with 2, 3, or 4 fingers like how Ling and I did the poking. Ling and I wanted to do something fun but it was hard to visualize of something fun to do, it was making slime! The hardest thing to think about was what kind of slime Ling and I wanted to make. We were thinking about all of the types of slimes Ling doesn’t have. Finally! Ling thought of a slime to make, crunchy clear slime! As people can

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