Reflections on Past Work

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Reflections on Past Work The written coursework this semester has provided ample opportunity to identify problems in my writing and to improve not only my ability to analyze works of literature, but also in expressing this analysis and other thoughts in written form. I think there is a clear progression apparent in the three essays discussed below, demonstrating the refining of my writing abilities and my analytical process that occurred during this course. By identifying specific successes as well as ongoing issues in these three essays, it can be seen that I have identified and achieved some clear goals in my academic progress. Though different from the other two essays in that it was written with greater time constraints and without a real drafting and editing process, the initial in-class essay titled "It Came Out From the Blue" is a strong example of my writing at the beginning of this course. It was interesting to analyze both a painting and a story using the same basic through-line, and I think that I provided a clear thesis that is then well supported by the arguments of the body paragraphs and the evidence provided in them. There are, however, some errors in the mechanics of the writing and some points I think could do with greater clarity, and though I did not find this especially difficult I definitely feel that I benefit from more ample time to re-read, edit, and revise my written work than I had in the composition of this essay. The essay regarding Emily

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