Reflections upon Urban's Life's Greatest Lessons

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Chapter 3: Life is Also Funny… and Incredibly Funny In the book, Life’s Greatest Lessons: 20 Things That Matter by Hal Urban, the author describes how we as human beings must be able to look at the funny side of life. Urban tells the readers that one major key to life is to make your life funny. By making life funny, we relieve or forget about problems that are occurring in everyday life. From being a tension breaker, to having health benefits that include creating endorphins, laughter as the author put it is the “tonic of life” (p.24). Laughter puts our minds at ease and we use it to simplify our lives and create diversions from the added stress in our lives. It makes us forget about the bad and enjoy the good. With the author’s reasoning, I believe a major key to our life is to make it funny and to include laughter. Not enough people laugh and enjoy their lives anymore. As I see it, people see life as a burden. We like to pick out our worst qualities, our fears, and the most, our dislikes. We don’t consider the things that make us want to wake up every morning. When we look at life as a positive thing, we start to enjoy it, and we start to laugh, and very soon, after the negative thoughts will soon diminish. In my life alone right now, I am starting to look at life at the positives. I attend a great high school, I'm attending a great school in fall, and I have a steady job at the age of seventeen. Even when these things become stressful or we feel there is no light at

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