Reflective Account On Ethical Dilemmas

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When my dad was in the hospital after he had a heart attack in the intensive care unit, I witnessed how the nurses and doctors, and other professionals come and go from the room. While my family and I were in the room I noticed how important it was for the nurses and doctors to be friendly and professional while working with the family and patient. When testing was done we were able to be in the room, but when they were to bathe him they would recommend that we leave the room for a bit. While my dad was on the breath support and had an EEG scan which had little brain activity was difficult when the doctor asked us what we wanted to do, because he would be a vegetable and in a long term care facility. With that been said it was difficult for my family to make the decision to end the life of someone we love but having the nurses and doctors talk us through what would happen and preparing us was really helpful for making our decisions and making us as comfortable as they could. …show more content…

The way that I might increase the amount of confidence in my future clients and their families would be to tell them everything that I have planned for their child and what I think would be the best outcome to help achieve their goals. I would tell them that they are able to join and watch through session and even have the parents participate in the activities. Telling your clients how well they are doing and the process they are making can make a big impact on how much they are willing to work harder at to achieve their goals in therapy. That’s just some of the ways I feel could increase confidence in my future

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