Reflective Essay About The Wave

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“‘Robert, what are you doing?’ Mr. Ross asked. ‘Mr. Ross, I’m your bodyguard,’ Robert announced” The mood of this part of the novel is confused. I am completely baffled that students like Robert have taken the wave so far as to wanting to be a bodyguard for the teacher that started The Wave. This is very confusing to me and left me thinking about how weird The Wave has become.
“She still couldn’t put into words exactly what bothered her about The Wave, but she could feel it growing inside her. Something was wrong. The anonymous letter was a symptom It wasn’t only that a senior tried to bully a junior into joining The Wave. It was more-- the fact that the junior hadn’t put his name on the letter, the fact that he had been afraid to… The …show more content…

“‘I pledge to fight The Wave until the end. Give me liberty or give me acne!’” This is obviously alluding to the famous quote said by Patrick Henry at the Second Virginia Convention during the American Revolution: “Give me liberty or give me death!”
“‘Is everybody forgetting who they are. It’s like the Night of the Living Dead or something’”. This is alluding to the 1968 science fiction film Night of the Living Dead. This is also a simile because it is comparing everybody forgetting who they actually are to The Night of the Living Dead.
“‘Because it means that no one is better than anyone else for once,’ Amy said. ‘Because ever since we became friends all I’ve ever done is try to compete with you and be like you. But now I don’t feel like I have to have a boyfriend on the football team like you. And if I don’t want to, I don’t have to get the same grades you get, Laurie. For the first time in three years i feel like I don’t have to keep up with Laurie Saunders and people will still like me’”. To me, the mood of this quote is sympathetic. Anyone can feel sympathy for Amy in this situation. Even though i don’t like The Wave, I understand that Amy is finally equal to Laurie and everyone else with the Wave, and she doesn’t want laurie to expose the truth and end something that she’s been wanting for three years.
“They were parked near the all-night tennis courts because david knew that when Laurie came home from school after dark, she always took this route, where the

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