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Writing doesn’t always come easy for me, considering that English is my second language, my writing isn’t the best. In order for me to get better, I took English AP courses in high school that encouraged me to stand at a college level and be prepared for essays comparatively to this one. Although I know I need a lot more improvement for my writing skills, I am taking writing way serious than what I did my previous years. I am willing to learn and get the best out of this course. There are many reasons why I write, but the main reason is that “writing is everywhere” oftentimes is not my favorite thing to do, but doubtless is the most extensive and essential.
I personally, need a peaceful surrounding free from interruptions to focus during my writing. Before I start composing, I must be in a comfortable place where I don’t get easily distracted, and unfortunately my house is not the place. When my family is home, they usually ask me to do chores or to go pick up my brother or drive to the grocery store. At the same time, I get distracted by social media or TV. In fact, my phone can never be around because I know that even if I don’t have any messages, I know that I will get distracted with something useless and time consuming. From there on, my level of focus goes down and ultimately I get lost on the writing assignment.
At this point, I talked to my parents to let them know that I need my own study time outside of home. To do so I regularly go to places where the internet

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