Reflective Essay On Double Life

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Through my prep work, I realized that my personal values were; to have an exciting life, a life filled with pleasure, a life filled with wisdom, to be ambitious, and to always be broadminded. When analyzing my values, I realized that all of them were striving towards one overarching value, to have an exciting life. This value is so important to me because growing up, I didn’t like living. I grew up in a family that was very selectively religious. It was perfectly okay that my male family members would gather around and watch the explicit versions of Jerry Springer, but being gay gave you an express ticket to hell. Because of this theory, throughout my childhood I had incredibly intense dreams about going to hell; so much so that I was …show more content…

What is important to me, is living the life I want to live.

The life I want to live begins with having an exciting life. I want to have many different experiences, with many different types of people. Reconciling this value with my childhood, I realize that a major part of this is out of rebellion of my mother who tried to shield me from both experiences and people she deemed inappropriate. This rebellion really comes from me not wanting the type of life she leads. I strive to be as inclusive as possible, which is why being broadminded is such an important value to me. I have seen and felt the effects of being in a closed-minded environment and I want to make sure that I am not a contributor to that environment. This leads to the importance of being an intellectual as well. I realize that I will sometimes be closed-minded no matter how great my intentions are, but that I need to always question what lead me to being closed-minded to that subject, and how I can overcome that mindset.

Overall, my values are really focused on enjoying life in a way that does not contribute to the suffering of others. I know that this is a somewhat impossible goal in my lifetime, so I try to focus on how to be as inclusive as I can be in my immediate environment. My values are a great source of pride for me as I believe I am helping to contribute something great to this world. While my values are in conflict with my mother’s, that doesn’t

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